Agenda for 3/14 CAM Meeting

Note: We ask that prior to the meeting, attendees look over the “questions to consider”  sent out via email and posted on our blog. This will help us hit the ground running on the day of the event.

10 AM – Welcome and introductions. Please introduce your name, organization, and role (foster parent, case manager, pediatrician, therapist etc.)

10:30 AM – Overview: What are the different categories of assets we are looking at?

10:45 – Small group breakout session 1. The Y will assign everyone to a small group. Small groups will be arranged to mix a range of experiences and skill sets together. Each group will discuss one of the following categories and list resources in that category that they know to be currently available in the community. For our first meeting**, the categories are:

  1. Individual Capacities: What skills and areas of expertise are found in our foster care community?
  2. Local Businesses: What local businesses are in the area and interested in supporting youth in care?
  3. Cultural/Religious Organizations
  4. Hospitals & Health Care Providers

11: 15 – Small Group Breakout session 2: Switch subject areas

11:45 – 12:15: Lunch Break

12:15: Breakout session 3: Switch Subject Areas

12:45: Breakout Session 4

1-1:30: Debrief, Review of next steps

Groups will turn in all brainstormed resources at the end of each breakout session. Between meetings, the YMCA staff will put all resources onto the YMCA CAM Google Map so we have a visual to discuss by the beginning of the next session.

** Break out sessions at our next meeting will include: Social Service Agencies, Public Schools, Libraries, & Parks & Recreation Facilities.





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