This Community Asset Mapping process will seek to engage a diverse range of individuals and organizations who interface with children in care. While we recognize that YMCA therapeutic foster parents come from as far south as Bonny Lake and as far north as Everett, these resources will be centered in the area surrounding the main Accelerator YMCA office, located at 2100 24th Ave S. In focusing specifically on this area, we are hopeful that we can compile a comprehensive list of services instead of a less thorough map that covers a larger area.

First and foremost, this process will rely heavily on the expertise of current and former therapeutic foster parents. We strongly believe that our foster parents are experts on serving foster youth, and as such we will focus on your feedback.

We will also engage all YMCA professionals that work with children and youth in foster care. This includes providers who focus on:

  • Mental Health Counseling for youth and families
  • Youth Assessment Services
  • Short-Term Foster Care Placement Services
  • In-Home Family Preservation
  • Family Reunification Services
  • Family Support Services
  • Clinical Case Management
  • On-site Psychiatric Appointments
  • 24-hour Crisis Consultation and Outreach Support

Outside Agencies: 

We are also including representatives from the following agencies and sectors in our Community Asset Mapping process in order to build on the knowledge of others working in our community and make our map as comprehensive as possible:

  • Education
    • Treehouse
    • Seattle Public Schools
  • Health/Mental Health
    • Odessa Brown Children’s Clinic (Includes dental, eye, mental health, and nutrition)
    • School-Based Health Clinics: Garfield Teen Health Center, Beacon Hill International School
    • YMCA Child and Family Therapists
  • Recreation
    • Rainier Beach Community Center¬†
    • YMCA of Greater Seattle
    • Seattle Parks & Recreation
  • Child Welfare
    • Children’s Administration
    • King County CSEC Task Force
  • Advocacy
    • Mockingbird Society
    • Center for Child & Youth Justice
  • Local Businesses:
    • Tutta Bella (Columbia City)
    • Fare Start
    • Goodwill Job Training & Education