Why are we making a Community Asset Map?

We know that becoming (and staying) a therapeutic foster parent is no small task. We are putting together a Community Asset Map to take some of the guess work out of taking care of children in your care.We hope that making an accessible Community Asset Map can help our foster parents, new and old, feel informed and empowered about the resources they have at their disposal. Additionally, it will help service providers build on areas that are currently lacking to ensure that a robust variety of services are available.

Our Community Asset Map will be a visual map of resources in the community – health, mental health, recreation, respite care, etc.We are hopeful that by putting frequently used resources into one centralized, frequently updated place, we can help you save precious time and energy.

Moving forward, we will be putting together a Community Asset Map steering committee to help ensure the map is being regularly updated and includes categories that are relevant and helpful to your lives.